July 15, 2011

Not Myself

I'm not sure why, but this entire week I've been sort of...off.

I just feel super emotional, hyper sensitive and basically down in the dumps.

I'm really looking forward to this much needed weekend ahead of me where I will be keeping myself busy, but hopefully sleeping in a bit too.


Although last night was lots of fun! We went out to John's camp because his Sister is in town and we just hung out there and had an amazing dinner and drank quite a few glasses of wine!
It definitely was really nice to get to know his sister better! She's so much fun and a LOT like John. They are basically the same person... looks and personality.

I'm really looking forward to Sunday when we go out there for her and a couple of their other family member's birthdays. It's going to be great. When that family gets together it's so much fun. I feel like sometimes they are the family from a story book or a movie.

:) I love that I get to spend time with them, I definitely feel very lucky!

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