July 18, 2011


I really need to start taking pictures.

What a great weekend I had!

I went to see Harry Potter, which was AMAZING.
I cried. Obviously.

Saturday went out and played "Pub Golf" with a bunch of John's friends. Let's just say I happily opted out of this game. Those boys have much more practice than I do when it comes to drinking... I don't know how they do it.

Sunday went out to camp for the day with John's family. It was his sister, his cousin and his aunt's birthday and what a FAB day it was! It was so hot...45 degrees with the humidity! We basically sat outside in the sun all day with bits of food and Sangria and roasted away. We had a delicious dinner in the sweltering heat and as soon as I was done eating, I jumped in the lake. I HAD to! My body was overheating and there was no way I would survive sitting out in the sun any longer...dry!
It eventually started to rain cats and dogs and do you wanna know what we did? Nothing! We didn't move. We stayed in our seats outside and welcomed that rain with open arms!

You know it's a hot day, when!

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