July 20, 2012

Ho-Hum/Life Update

I can't seem to break out of this funk I've been in lately! Please help! Just kidding, but seriously.
I think I'm just having a really hard time getting used to working 6 days a week missing everything that seems to be important in my life usually having to do with family which is what I find to be most important. It's really starting to get me down, but such is life. I just keep thinking about how in a couple years once I can get my hands on a job in my field or even once I'm graduated, I will have a stability in my career again and I can start joining in on social activities. Call me a whiner, but I think when you're working in a part time job that isn't your career, you need to remember to make time for what is most important. 

Don't get me wrong, I don't regret quitting my full time office job AT ALL, I'm really happy I did it so I can work towards my goals, but I just can't help but be anxious for the next few years to zoom by so I can start living normally again. Le sigh.

On a different and happier note, t-minus 2 weeks until John & I are official roomies! I couldn't be more excited! I probably won't have any money for anything, but I seriously can't wait to cook us delicious dinners (or NOT cook us delicious dinners), actually be able to sit in my livingroom without the television being taken over by my parents or sisters, get to do laundry whenever I want without having to worry about getting in trouble, putting up my own decorations, et cetera!!! Wooo!

Also, John & I spent the past few nights out at the lake (even though I kept having to come in to work). It actually sort of worked out though because I never worked late so we'd still have our evenings to have fun swimming and reading (which is basically what we did the whole time). I read Catching Fire in like, 2 days. I still can't believe I didn't like the Hunger Games at this time last year, what was I thinking? I'm obsessed now and am already half way through the last book. I seriously can't get enough. We also enjoyed homemade wine from my dad and basically just enjoyed eachothers company.

Anyway, that's a little update on my life considering I never blog ever anymore... have a great day :)!


Devon @ TheMermaidChronicles said...

Sending you happy thoughts on your work situation. Your new roomie will be a nice thing to look forward to, though. I loved reading the Hunger Games. Enjoy!

Jessica said...

Thanks Devon!