July 3, 2012

On Changes And Other Things...

Yesterday I started talking with my family about how when I move out on August 1st, they aren't going to be calling me everytime they do something together as a family. For example, if they decide to go on a camping trip or a mini trip to the States, I won't be invited unless it "comes up in converesation". Call me a baby, but this absolutely floored me.

I started to cry because let's face it, I found this to be very sad. Just because I'm not living with them anymore doesn't mean I shouldn't be invited on the family trips... Or does it?

All I know, is that when I have kids and they grow up, I'll still invite them to at least SOME places because isn't the saying, "the more the merrier" and aren't family vacations absolutely awesome? Or maybe that's just me.

Is it normal for people who are already moved out to stop attending the family vacations?

It just gives me an uncomfortable feeling. I'm aware I'm starting to build my own life, but that doesn't mean my family isn't apart of it?

I don't know. Maybe I'm just a huge sap.

Regardless of the changes that are happening and my having trouble accepting them, I'm getting really excited for the big move! Only one month minus 2 days!!! It's going to be here before we know it! Which reminds me, we need to buy some furniture..


CheCiara said...

Hi Jessica-nice blog :) It is sad moving away. I'm sure it must be natural to be thinking of the things you'll "miss out on". But you know what, I left home years ago and these things always come up in conversation. You won't be short of invites I'm sure!

Jessica said...

Well that's good to hear! Thank you so much for the reassurement! It's definitely needed. :) And thanks for the compliment!

Pretzel Thief said...

I'm sure they will invite you for the bigger events and that it WILL come up in conversation. After all, you're still part of the family even though you've flown the coop and family vacations help to further strengthen and maintain relationships. :-) If you think they actually will leave you out of things, talk to them and let them know you feel hurt by this and that you still want to be invited because now, more than ever, is the time when these types of family events should encompass all the family, in spite of your not living with them.