October 1, 2010

An Announcement.

Something else that makes me very happy is when people tell me that I shouldn't be sad. That it's a waste of time. That I have no reason to be.

Obviously everyone has reasons to be sad, but that's a big waste of life, now isn't it?
Being so sad all the time, I'm missing out on all of the great things life has to offer.

I think I'm a nice girl with a lot of potential for contentment so why am I wasting it on being upset over things that clearly don't matter?

I've decided to delete all of my unhappy posts.

Those were all just moments of ranting to get my feelings out.

My blog will be purely for the good things I see in life from now on.

So if you're looking for me to complain--this girl has taken over a new leaf! No more will I be living with a glass half empty--I'm always going to be living with my glass half full!

And I'll be doing it for me.

And that's that!