October 6, 2010

Beliefs and such. Just pondering.

I'm not too sure what I believe in regarding religion.
I mean-I believe in God...or a how you say, "Higher Power".
I don't believe in Hell. Perhaps Earth is Hell? It would make sense, wouldn't it?
The Earth is such a scary place...
Maybe if you aren't ready to go to "Heaven" or some beautiful place, you must come back to Earth?
And maybe you have a choice. Maybe once you're gone, you don't want to move on yet. You don't want to go to Heaven. So instead you choose reincarnation?
Yes. I think that is what I will go with. I think that's what I choose to believe.

The topic of "what comes next" is a terrifying one for me. I get really panicky when I think of death in general and what is next for me. I hope I have a long ways to go before I need to start even thinking about it, but it's definitely an active thought in my brain.
I mean, there can't just be blackness, can there? Just darkness...nothing? That seems impossible. The very thought of human existance seems impossible, though. So who knows?
Terrifying thought.

For now, I just choose to believe in myself, I guess. :)

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