October 20, 2010

A Blog About Blogging

I just realized something that made me smile to myself.

I've had this blog since April. That's the longest I've ever kept something like this.

Usually, I'll start something similar and I get bored.

I get bored of things easily. Don't confused that for people.

I get bored of entertainment quickly. And I'm pleasantly surprised as to how long I have kept this blog going for.

It seems that I will get these thoughts in my head and it's always a nice relief to be able to let them out on here, whether people read it or not.

I don't quite do it for you, I do it for myself. It just feels good to be able to let my thoughts out, what I'm thinking that day...my feelings.

It feels good. I recommend blogging as a mood booster, that's for sure!

Feel Good Things Of The Day So Far

1. How the mornings appear darker and darker.
2. Avatar Costumes and Halloween Shags in the near future.
3. When waking up, your hair goes exactly the way you want it too and you don't need to do a single thing to it.
4. Liquid Eyeliner.
5. Smiling to yourself because of new feelings and experiences.
6. Meeting a new puppy! :)
7. French Vanilla in the AM.
8. Writing Christmas Scripts.
9. The unexpected.
10. Feeling Genuinly Happy For Yourself and Other People.

Have a great day!

1 comment:

Megan said...

I was never able to keep a journal or anything like that but for some reason blogging has stuck for me. I think your so right its important to blog for yourself or what the point?