October 18, 2010

Black and White Blowout-Birthday Shenanagins!

I would be lying if I said I wasn't slightly nervous for the events of Saturday night aka my Birthday event.

It started off a little rocky--I felt like I was getting the flu earlier that morning and people were bailing on dinner and said they would just come to my house after. Although-I was pleased when dinner went very well and drinks and good food were shared among friends.

We finished up and made my way over to my house which quickly filled up with fun loving girls with drinks and gifts galore! I wasn't expecting people to give me gifts but they did which made me smile-I really was just happy to have all my girlfriends together under one roof. One present was a little bittersweet-but we don't speak of that here.

What got me a little emotional is when I was told to sit down at my dining room table and noticed a small truck outside that I didn't recognize. I continuously asked who that person was and no one would answer me. Tamara, Paula and Vanessa told to stay seated and gathered everyone together and then brought me something I didn't expect. A "Breakfast at Tiffany's" decorated cake! It was absolutely gorgeous. Aqua blue frosting with a chocolate film reel with pictures of Audrey Hepburn's Holly Golightly decorated subtly with sugared pearls. Oh it was beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

We proceeded to celebrate before the event and lots of laughs were had-it was fun.

On we went to the Black and White blow-out... a little nervous on what the evening would bring. As we got there the venue was filling up and more and more my friends arrived and more and more drinks were consumed (hey-sometimes this has to happen!) and my nerves quickly went away.

There was no drama whatsoever. I was so happy. I was so surprised--I didn't even care about the thing I was most nervous about. I was shocked to realize-nothing phased me. (I probably don't have to mention what this paragraph is about-so for the sake of happy posts, I'll leave it at that.)

The place started to die down and we decided to "hail down a taxi" and go to a small house party afterwards. I held a snake. That is all. :)

Then we went home and went to bed and it was a perfect birthday party. Perfect! 100%.

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