May 8, 2012

Boringest Weekend of All Time

1st Pic: Scrambled Eggs LOADED with vegetables and Feta Goat Cheese
2nd Pic: Mustard Crusted Chicken recipe from Pam.. SOO good.
3rd Pic: Tabbouleh (Lebanese Salad... not sure if I spelt that right though)

This past weekend John went out of town for work and normally my weekends are spent doing whatever we decide to do... but this weekend, I didn't have my BFF to hang out with.
Which basically gave me a huge reality check that I should probably make more time for friends considering I was bored stiff, lol.

But in actuality (is that a word?), I wasn't a complete lump all weekend.. I did do something things.

Friday I watched My Week with Marilyn which was such a beautiful film... seriously, watch it. You won't regret it. And I also sobbed my eyes out to Marley & Me. Please keep in mind I was by myself and if you were looking down on me, I probably looked more than pathetic haha.

Both Saturday & Sunday I got my Hot Yoga on so I took the time to at least take care of myself.
Also Saturday, my friend Andrea and I went to the Folklore Festival (which is a cultural festival in town featuring all types of activities, performances and the best part... food from all over the world!). I had such a delicious Lebanese Salad... I'm not even sure of what they put in it to make it so amazing but I find myself craving it now. I finished Saturday off by watching 2 more movie (MoneyBall and We Bought a Zoo). I didn't like MoneyBall... I though it was boring. But I LOVED We Bought a Zoo. Such a cute story.

That was basically my weekend.
And the award goes to me for the boringest post of all time!!! Gold star.

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