May 29, 2012

London, Ontario

One of my best friends Andrea got married to the love of her life a couple weekends back so I did what any good friend would do! Took a little mini vacation to London, Ontario to see her tie the knot!!!
But what kind of mini vacation would it be if John and I didn't make an actual vacation out of it?
We stayed for 3 nights and seriously had an absolute blast!! We ate at the cutest little restaurants and drank at fun pubs (and one seedy bar..oops), we had an amazing brunch at our hotel restaurant (best brunch in London! Holla), went on a Labatt Beer Brewery tour.. I swear John was like a kid in a candy store! We even got to have samplings after the tour there which was neat!
I think it's really important to do stuff like this with your significant other.. you don't have to go anywhere far, but it helps to keep the relationship fun. :)

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