May 29, 2012


*none of these photos are my own.
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So as you can see, my city (Thunder Bay) got flooded pretty good.
It's obviously nothing compared to places like New Orleans or Japan.. but for our sheltered town, it's pretty bad. Nothing usually happens here.. we never get natural disasters. Our sky turned green once when I was a toddler..that was weird. But that was probably the last bad thing.
Roads are completely wiped out, that last picture is of a mall parking lot.. not a river. Cars have been taken down. It's completely crazy. The worst part?
It just keeps raining. The rain doesn't seem to want to go away. We just need a couple weeks of nice sunny weather. In the meantime, I know people are going around to the areas that were really affected and offering their help (pumps, blankets, coffee...). The thing is, is that our city's water tank completely failed because the mass amounts of water it was pumping out (I'm not too familiar on how it works but I think that's why it failed). So basically, we really need some nice dryness for a bit because if not, people's basements are just gonna keep on flooding.
My side of town is really lucky, we're higher up on a hill so we didn't get affected, thank god. Because my room is in the basement. I just feel really bad for the people who I know got affected by this ugly flood.

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