May 1, 2012

Freestyle Writing

I'm not quite sure how to start off this post... but I guess I'll begin by saying I have a lot of insecurities which leads to a TON of other issues in my life.
I managed to gain more confidence before my trip to Florida, by attending regular yoga sessions and focusing on the finer things in life (cooking, baking, time with friends, family & john). I realized that if you start feeling angry or upset, think about how much it actually matters.
Is it going to matter tomorrow or the next day, next month or even next year?
If it won't... then stop worrying about it and move on! Find your happy place, so to speak.

Well something must have changed while I was in Florida because ever since I got back, I've been feeling glum.
Maybe I'm experiencing reverse culture shock?
I mean, take me away from a place so beautiful and full of sunshine and bring me back to cold, wet weather and some not so fun things happening in other areas of my life, and you have one crappy feeling girl.
Lately, I've been snappy and edgy with those most important to me and in general, hate the way I feel.
It's not so much fun.
I managed to talk about it with my boyfriend last night and woke up this morning feeling better.
I just hope it stays that way and I can find that girl that I managed to become before my vacation because being grumpy and gloomy sucks.

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Rachael-Victoria said...

I totally get what you mean! I do this, and then think to myself why be sad be happy! There's always going to be other people in this world who don't have as much, so I tell myself I should be happy and live life to the full ^_^ Rach x