May 31, 2011

Exercising...Where did you go?

Since January, I've been doing so well with working out 3 times a week. But the past few weeks, I've only been going to the gym about once. It's awful and wow! What a change I've noticed in my body!

I need to stop making excuses.

Like today I was so excited to go to the gym after work, but then my day sort of took a downward spiral and now I'm just looking forward to going home and snuggling with my Man and having dinner. Maybe we'll take a nice long walk?

I really miss the gym though. I miss what it was doing for my body and how loose I felt along with just being in better shape in general. I miss just...feeling healthier. 

Gym! I need to see you! :( I wish my hair wasn't so long and didn't take forever to do after I showered because then I would be going a lot more, no problem!

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