May 20, 2011

Weekly Gratitude: May 20th

Even though I haven't gone to the gym this week and have been eating my own weight in junk food, I've had a pretty good week.
Let's begin, shall we?

  • Thank you to all of the warm weather we've been getting! Nice weather only means more time spent out at camp! And camp is the only place I like to be in the Summer. Unfortunately, this isn't realistic so those times spent at camp are all the more sacred!
  • Thank you to BBQ's! There's nothing more seasonal than a delicious BBQ and sitting outside while it's being made and eating it outside too!
  • Thank you to reading delicious books while sitting out in...YOU GUESSED IT! The warm, warm weather. I love love love reading in the Summer. That's usually when I read the most, is in the summer.
  • Thank you to the wonderful weekend I'm about to have! I really really need it. It's going to be lovely and I can't wait share it all with you on Tuesday when I return from all my wild adventures. :) Hehe.
Love, love.

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