May 27, 2011

My Weekend (Late)

Sorry...I'm aware as to how late this post is.

Anyway, last weekend was very eventful for me.

Me, Tamara and Lindsay all went to Tam's camp which was lots of fun and very necessary.
We basically had a pop and chip party and played cards. It was cute fun!

playing intense game of SkipBo haha
pop and chip party

The next night, I got myself dolled up and went to my very first wedding! It was a blast and the bride looked beautiful.
Thank goodness that John's friends are so friendly because I wouldn't have known anybody besides my friend Diandra! I was feeling extra outgoing that night though so everything was great!

The next day, I felt a TEENSY (understatement) bit tired and me and John had to go out to his camp so I could meet his sister, her husband, his niece and his nephews. They are absolutely adorable and they love their Uncle John so much!

Too precious!

Have a great weekend !!!

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Mara said...

aw it looks like you had a great time! your hair is SO pretty :)