March 1, 2011


I kind of had a realization today as to why I love blogging so much.

Have you ever noticed that when avidly following a set list of blogs (and of course finding new ones to stalk!) you learn so much?

I've learnt so much about fashion, life, cooking/baking (I've made a few different recipes from blogs), love, travel and so much more...

I just love seeing how other people live there lives and getting different tips on the above topics.

It really is sort of amazing. How I don't know these people personally, but I love to learn about their lives. Weird! Ha!

As a side note, I found this website that does custom design for your blog but I can't really afford it right now. I'd absolutely love to have my blog re-designed to reflect my personality but it might have to wait until I have more money to put into it.

Right now, my savings are for my trip to Minneapolis to see the lovely Taylor Swift!

K, Bye :D


joy said...

Hi Jessica!

Just found your blog off and I love it! I'm from Ontario too! :) I've recently started blogging and I really want to upgrade my template from just the basic one that Blogger gives you but I'm going to use that as motivation to post more, and then once I get to say maybe 100 posts I'll invest in a "designer" template! I found one graphic designer who has packages from $45!


Jessica said...

thanks Joy
you have a beautiful blog as well!