March 11, 2011


"i just want to take this moment to send my prayers to japan and beyond. this natural disaster is another startling reminder of the earth's undeniable power and as one tweet said "that we're just guests on this planet." it then falls to us to treat the earth with respect and reverence--to preserve the tenuous balance that mother nature lords over--we can do this in what we choose to eat, how we harvest food and animals, consumption of all kinds and on and on. now is the time to say prayers, give thanks, and go about enacting change."

Posted by Meg on March 11th.

I'm quoting her because I'm not quite sure how to put my thoughts out to them myself and I just loved the way she worded it.

I'm worried because I have family on the West coast where a Tsunami is expected to hit. So I'm nervous for them.

I'm thinking of you, Family <3.

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