March 16, 2011

Inspirational Wednesdays

A couple things this week that have been inspiring to me:

Have you ever checked out my friend Tamara's Blog? Well, you should.

She's going to be a wedding planner, you know. And she's absolutely amazing at it.It's funny because one time, I helped her set up for a wedding and I was absolutely awful that she made me just lay out decorative cookies on the tables because I couldn't do any manual creative labour regarding the set up. Ugh!

Anyway, she's absolutely fantastic and she started a weekly post on weddings. I think what she does is amazing and if you're looking for good wedding tips go to her!

Personally, I think she needs to turn her blog into a wedding blog or at least make a second blog focused on this. I think it could really help her keep her ideas fresh and draw in a LOT of readers which could be beneficial to her future company.

She inspires me with her wedding planning because personally, I could never be that creative!

Also... I've been really inspired by fashion lately. Some of the websites I absolutely adore looking at are things like

The Etsy Shop and Go Jane 

They have some of the neatest little fashion items on those sites. I love the little owl necklaces from Go Jane.
If I had more money, I would just love to throw out the majority of my clothes and get a whole new closet full of fun stuff!!

lastly, I need your help with something.. anybody? anybody at all?

I seriously need to not be so scared of everything! I'm always scared that the great things I have in my life are going to go away.. or that someone doesn't want to be my friend anymore or that something is wrong with those I love and feeling like it has to do with me when it clearly doesn't.

Please help me to get over this and help me be confident! I seriously don't have a bad thing to say about my life right now and I think that is what the issue is. I'm so afraid that all this good is going to go away and that would be terrible!!!! How can I just let go of my worry and not be so damn insecure all the time??!?! Help!

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tams said...

Thanks Jess:) I have been brainstorming a lot for either a new blog or just more wedding stuff on my blog! I also have been designing a website:):)
Thanks for the kind words!:) love!