March 11, 2011

ProActiv: The Not So Great Solution.

eautyI'll let you in on a little secret: I struggle with my skin.
Everyone around me tells me that I don't have that bad of skin but it's definitely not nice.
Sometimes my acne comes at me with a vengeance. Like most recently, my chin had probably 10 blemishes on it. I felt so self conscious. I mean, where you are by yourself at home, the last thing you want is to wear concealer but for my own self security, I would. Just because I didn't like looking at myself. So I broke down and ordered Pro Activ. I mean celebrities used it! What could go wrong?

The beautiful and edgy Katy Perry:

The voluptuous Jessica Simpson:

And even teenage heart throb J-Beebz:

I was just so sick of trying everything I could to clear up my skin (and try everything I did! I take great care of myself and nothing ever seems to work!)
About a week later, I received my package of pimple fighting solution in the mail and I couldn't be more ecstatic! When I used it, I noticed it stung a little bit but I thought, "Hey as long as it works! No big deal! I'll deal with the burning!"
I had been using it for about 3 days and then one morning I woke up to a heavy redness under my eyes along with aging "bags". I thought I was just tired so I carried on without any thought on it.
That same night, I did my time consuming 5 step face regimen and I noticed it was REALLY stinging. Maybe about an hour later, in the same spot under neath my eyes, I had even MORE wrinkles and a HUGE rash. I was having a stupid allergic reaction to this stuff! Not to mention my entire face was COMPLETELY dried out, not to be helped by moisturizer!

Although the acne DID clear up, so I guess people aren't lyen they say that. But minus the acne and add on dry skin and thanks.

No wonder why ProActiv isn't sold in Canada. Our country doesn't want to let these harsh, dangerous chemicals ruin our bodies!

Oh my goodness. Never again. I am 100% getting my money back! It's just not worth it. I'll just stick with my Tersaseptic or get something gentle and face loving like Clinique! But I can say I tried it and the curiosity DEFINITELY killed the cat.

Disclaimer: If ProActiv works for you, that's great! Everybody has different skin types and I'is produc works wonders for some and not so great for others!

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