March 24, 2011

Lifestyle Thursdays: The Bra Top

I think this section of the week is quickly becoming my absolute favorite!
I get to take pieces of clothing or makeup ideas that I've seen throughout the week and show them all to you!
So wonderful!

As we all know, the much anticipated season of SUMMER is coming up and what better way to celebrate than a shift in your wardrobe?

Have you ever heard of Victoria's Secret's Bra Top?
Such a fantastic invention! You can get them in either t-shirts, tanks or dresses!!!

Take a look:

I've been noticing a trend with my love for white articles of summer clothing!!! So seasonal and SO fresh looking! Love love love!!!

If you have either a Victoria's Secret Catalogue OR the THE INTERNET, I suggest ordering the BRA TOP because there are killer sales on right now!!

They also have bathing suits for dynamic prices.

Bye, Summer Beauties :D

P.S. One week exactly until my tonsils are removed from my throat. Eek!

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