March 4, 2011

Weekly Gratitude March 4th.

Oh, hey everyone!

So it's time to take a couple minutes to review everything I'm thankful for... and unfortunately I'm starting to notice a trend. I feel like the past few weeks have been so inredibly stressful for me so everytime on Friday's I have a hard time thinking about what made me happy and only a few things come to mind and it's always the same thing. SO therefore, this week, I'm only going to give thanks for the smaller said "insignificant" things that have made me smile this here we go:

  • I love when I get a text from someone that I wasn't expecting to hear from. It's always such a nice feeling to just mindlessly pick up your phone and see a nice little text waiting for you! So thank you!
  • Thanks to the gym this week. I still have one more day to go of the gym but in the bigger picture, you really have managed to transform my body and make me feel so much healthier. SO thank YOU gym!
  • Thanks to my really cheap ring that I bought from Shoppers Drug Mart that makes my hands look so much prettier when I wear it. :) You are just so pretty!
  • Thank you to Walter for always wanting to cuddle with me. I haven't been home much lately and he always gets so excited to see me when I finally do come home. Your cuddles always make a bad day a bit better.
  • Thank you to Pez Dispensers. Pez: Your candy tastes cheap...but the way you pop out of fun animated characters...well, it's just plain fun!
  • Thank you to my Audrey Hepburn calender(s). Looking at your beautiful and INSPIRATIONAL face everyday just reminds me to be a classier and more sophisticated woman, just like you once were!
  • Thank you to my concealer and foundation for covering up my random breakouts. I don't know how I would feel without that makeup in my life (as pathetic as that is)
  • Thank you to my office which is probably the most calmest and collected work environment I've ever worked in. It's nice to be able to do things independently without anyone breathing down your neck. :)
  • Thank you to all of my new clothes that I splurged on (by accident, of course!). I do NOT however, thank my wallet for being so stubborn because it sure did empty fast!
  • Thank you to my LACK of cramps this week. :) I'm so glad I don't have to deal with the feeling of a pumping uterus again. Just plain awful, I tell ya.
  • Thank you to RED lipstick! I cancelled you out for a while, but this week you sure have made me feel real pretty!
  • Thank you to Katy Perry's shattered nail polish. For a bit, you really do make me feel "vintage".
  • And I'll say this every single week...thank you to friends, family and love. I sure do need you in my life.

That's all for now! Xoxoxoxo. LOVE!

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