April 11, 2011

Blogging: Added Happiness

Let me just start out by saying that this day has been busy. I've been at work, yes. But I haven't been working.
No, I've been catching up on all the posts from my Favorite Bloggers!!!!

And yes, I know I've said this before but I just need to sit again.

Readings the posts that these lovely ladies take the time to write, never fail to brighten my day.

I find their stories, their fashion, their marraiges, and just in general their everyday lives uplifting and inspiring.

When I first started blogging, I had my own interests such as movies, TV Shows, the outdoors, etc. But once I met all these new ladies via the blogging world, I've learned so many new things. I've learned delicious recipes, how to piece together an outfit (coloured leggings and bow tie headbands!) how to live a happy life, how to appreciate a drive, etc, etc.

I just can't get enough.

And as if I wasn't content enough, going through these blogs (I'm still not done catching up on them post surgery...so many posts!!!!) just make me even happier!

I'll post tomorrow on the reasons I'm so content. So stay tuned.

Love, love love.!!!

Oh. P.S. Check out the Violet (click on the button on my side bar to get to the site--->).

I wrote in a comment and I'm lucky enough to get featured! The first issue hasn't been released yet where my comment will be featured but when it does, you know I will be telling you.

The Violet is actually started by one of the most loveliest of bloggers Camilla and her friend. I honestly believe that it is one of the best ideas ever. I'm all about uplifting and inspirational ways of life and that's what the Violet is. It's so wonderful. So quick! Go now!!!!


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