April 21, 2011

Duncan Keith: Want to Know a Fun Game?

It's called the I HATE DUNCAN KEITH GAME!!!
Terribly sorry to all of the Chicago BlackHawk fans out there!!!

Tonight is the FIFTH game between Chicago and Vancouver so me and my BF are going to play a little game.

We're going to grab some drinks to have in front of the TV and everytime the announcer says "DUNCAN KEITH" we drink.

It's a way to make his annoying exposure bearable.

I'm sure he's an amazing hockey player which is WHY the announcer says his name so much, but that doesn't mean he doesn't annoy me.

Once again, terribly sorry.

Not a fan of the Chicago Blackhawks? Or maybe you ARE a fan?
Everytime the announcer says DUNCAN KEITH take a drink! WOO!

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