April 18, 2011

My Funny Weekend

Lately I've just been insanely happy.
I have very little to complain about and this weekend was another example of why my life is so good right now!

Friday: I had tons of fun at a comedy show. The headliner was John Camponera! He was HIlarious!!! SOO funny. I was crying laughing. And then afterwards we went to the Madhouse (a local bar) where I sat with him and some of the opener comedians, and I felt so happy because I was making the headliner die laughing. Who knew I was so funny? Ha!

Saturday: I went to an ice show that I won tickets for but me and my friends left early because we were SO bored (sorry, kids!). So we went to the mall! Where I spent more money that I don't have (sigh). After that, my Boy came over and we ordered pizza and wings and watched Scream 2. Unfortnately, Johnnycakes fell asleep so I was up by myself watching this movie... not impressed. So I turned it off and I STILL don't know who the killer is (sshhhh don't tell me!). We went to sleep at 11 that night. Yeah, I'm only 21 and that was my Saturday. Oh well, I wouldn't change it for the world! :)

Sunday: John and I went and saw Rio. It was REALLY cute. I recommend if you are in the mood for some light hearted animation. After that, I went to the gym (thank goodness!) and then had dinner with my family. Also, have you ever heard of the book "the Game of Thrones"? The TV show premiered last night on HBO so we went over to our friend Trevor and Taryn's house to watch it. It was good. Also Vancouver won last night! In your face Chicago. :)

P.S. I never used to be a Hockey fan but dating one of the biggest hockey fans in the world is quickly changing that. My heart was racing in the last 10 minutes of the game last night. I would have been so sad if Chicago scored.

P.P.S (or is it P.S.S.? I'm not sure...): I'm so excited for what my future has in store for me regarding so many different things. I can't wait for what comes next! :) Hopefully involving some sort of independence...

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