April 15, 2011

Fashion Post: Summer with Tights

Hey everyone!
So this is my first fashion post.
Now, I'm not much of a "fashionista" but sometimes I can put together a cute little outfit.

It's almost summer time and you know what that means, right?
Summer dresses!
But if you work in an office building, it might be deemed appropriate to wear short articles of clothing.

So that's why I've been reppin' them with the tights! Take a look!

It's still Spring so when I'm outside, it always looks nice to wear a fashionable trench. I like to wear beige heels to but the ones I have kill my feet! The black shoes work too.

Here's me and my ridiculous posing skills. The look without the trench!

Sorry, I don't have the best quality camera!

Have a great weekend!

Trench: Suzy Shier
Tank: Winners
Skirt: Suzy Shier
Shoes: Aldo 
Ring: Handmedown.

1 comment:

aki! said...

I'd wear tights with my outfits, but sometimes it's so hot outside!