April 29, 2011

Tamara's Surprise Party

Sorry I haven't posted about this sooner, it's just been crazy in my life right now.

So last weekend I was insanely busy preparing for Tamara's Surprise Birthday Party.

I really hate lying so it was hard to be constantly lying to her face and I kept having to make up excuses for the party she had planned for herself.

I even heard she was mad at me because I had pushed her dinner party until later because I had to "work" (total lie.. I just needed prep time and she scheduled her dinner party SO early so it would've been difficult to get everyone at my house earlier).

Anyway all of Friday, I spent cleaning my house.

All of Saturday I spent cooking and decorating.

When the party finally happened, Tamara said she had an idea because people were acting suspicious.

She was extremely happy and she even cried a little!!!

I was definitely happy to see my best friend so touched that everyone could be there to make her party a success...especially since she thought nobody cared.

Me Tamara and her Sister Amanda who helped me Plan.
I bet you feel bad now about being such a PRINCESS eh Tamara?

Just teasing!!!

The whole time at the party I was such a stress case though. I was constantly trying to make sure there was food and drinks on the table and that everyone was happy and content.

The party was a definite success.

Tamara and Paula popping the champagne!
No surprise though that I ended up in bed at 12:30. I'm getting old, maybe.

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