April 19, 2011

Looking Ahead: Places I Want To Go

Being at the young age of 21, I often think about the things that I want in my future. These include getting married, having a family and a career, a nice house to call home. But I can't turn my back on something I really really want...and that is to travel. I feel like before I can do all those other things, I want to see the world. But if life happens and my plan is changed and my list becomes out of order, I will have to accept that.

But for now, I can still dream.

Here are some of the places I would love to see:

New York City
 Lake Tahoe
 Los Angeles
 New Zealand

And last but not least...

Disney World!
This one is special because I'm actually going next year with my family! In April or May. Please don't tell me either of these months are hurricane season though.. that would be just a little bit of a damper!

I'm curious... where do you all want to go?!

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