April 12, 2011

My Lovely Weekend

My weekend was one of the loveliest I've had in a long time.
I was still recovering from my Tonsil Surgery  so obviously I had to take it easy.
And I did, but somehow still managed to have fun. Which was much needed, because let me tell you, having to sit in bed all day for a week is NOT fun. Not at all. It's actually really depressing. So you can imagine how happy I was to actually go out and do some things this weekend. I even got to eat!

Friday during the day I made a mall trip with some close friends and I bought a few new cute things for barely any money. It felt so good to prepare for Summer through fashion! I'm wearing one of my outfits today and hopefully I'll remember to take a picture tonight so I can show you all! Friday night I went to see the movie, Your Highness (hilarious) with some friends. It was supposed to be a triple date but  we ended up seeing a few people we knew there and turned into a group outing. After that me and my Man had a cozy night! Mmm so warm! :)

Saturday, John asked me if I wanted to help set up for this 80's night event for one of his Promotion's for work and of course I said yes! We basically just had to put up banner tape sponsoring our radio station (we work at the same place...just not in the same department) but it was a lot of fun! After that, we went to Boston Pizza and had pizza, wings and beer. And considering it had been so long since I could eat REAL food, I definitely took advantage of this. So delicious! After that we proceeded to have a few more drinks while watching Hockey. It was such a nice night. We stayed up for so long just talking and sharing deep and intimate thoughts (one of which I'll share with you tomorrow).

Sunday we sort of lazed around the house and didn't do much of anything. Me and John saw a movie during the day (The Source Code...highly recommend) and then I went and spent some time with my Mother. Then sort of late at night, I got back together with the boyfriend and we watched Scream and had some junk food. It was just a really relaxing day (you know, with all of the Golf Ball sized hail our city got that night. So insane!)

Stay tuned tomorrow for one of the most inspiring thoughts a guy has ever shared with me.
For all you ladies who may be insecure with your bodies, you do NOT want to miss this.


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