April 21, 2011

It's Friday, Friday, Gotta Get Down on Friday! (I mean Thursday)!

That's right, everyone!
It's the long weekend!

And this weekend is going to be spectacular!

Here's the agenda:

Tonight: It's my little cousin's birthday party! After that me and the Baby are going to watch the Canucks play. Now let me tell you, I never used to hold an interest in Hockey AT ALL but now I'm sort of starting to like it! My heart races in the last 10 minutes of the game if the score is close and what not. Is it possible, that I, Jessica Kutok am a hockey fan? You better believe it! So weird. My very life is changing before my eyes.

Friday: Hangin out all day... with no sense of a plan! Friday night going to see Water for Elephants with Tamara for her birthday ...Vanessa and Paula are coming along too! I love those girls!!!

Saturday: We're going to Montana's for Tam's Bday!! Im so excited. Going out for dinner is awesome. Unfortunately,  I work 12-7:30 though for street team. I feel bad because I couldn't say no and it's Tam's birthday. TAMARA DON'T BE MAD!!! Thank you for changing your reservation! It means a lot :)! So excited to spend Saturday night with you! The big 22!!!! You should feel very happy!

Sunday: Easter festivities!! Going for a brunch with my Mom and Sister for yummy chocolate fountains of fruit! And then going to John's families for some yummy delicious Easter Dinner!

Monday: Work. :( And then having turkey dinner with my family!

It's going to be a great weekend!

I'll be sure to post lots of pictures!

Have a great weekend! xoxo.

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tams said...

my sista is coming too:) cant wait to see you:):)