April 13, 2011

Inspirational Wednesdays: Shake What Your Momma Gave Ya!

A Fat Day.
I'm sure you've had them. Especially if you're a girl.
Maybe you work out 3-5 times a week and eat healthy all the time but the one day you eat 4 slices of pizza you feel as if you're pregnant.
It's natural to feel this way sometimes no matter what your diet or physical routine is.

I've been going to the gym since January now which is the longest I've ever gone with exercise in my life.
I've never felt better about myself when it comes to my body and my overall health.
It feels great.
And I still eat whatever I want.

However, I'd be lying to myself if I said that I always felt great.
I don't.

But listen to this story and it may or may not help you feel better:

So on Saturday night, me and my boyfriend, John stayed up late having a few drinks while talking about many different topics. One of them being girls and their self esteem issues and how girls never seem to be happy with what they are given regarding their bodies. Maybe they think their stomach bloats out too much or their boobs aren't big enough. And John had this to say,

Girls seem to think that they have to have a tight stomach or bigger boobs. But a confident size 12 is so much sexier than an insecure size 3.
So basically the message I'm trying to get across is eat those 4 slices of pizza if you want! You're still going to look great. As long as you keep a healthy and active lifestyle that helps you feel better about yourself inside and out, life is so much more worth it when you treat yourself every once in a while. I would be SO bored if I didn't let myself eat some chips while watching a movie or order a salad with no dressing when I go out to eat just so my stomach stays flat. That is just no way to live!

I'd rather live my day to day by having fun and being happy while keeping up with exercise and a higher ratio of a healthier diet compared to "junk food". But I'll definitely still eat my pizza, chomp on a burger, have some chips, candy and ice cream if that means I'm happier.

And remember ladies, confidence is sexy! If you love yourself, that will reflect onto other people which in the long run will help keep you happy and glowing. And remember that quote up there because guys think it too!

Never try and change yourself for somebody else because you're beautiful in your own skin. I know insecurities are inevitable but try and embrace what your Momma gave ya because that's what you're stuck with!

Live your life. Be happy.

Love xoxo.

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Lindsay said...

I love this Jess! This cheered me up, because I've definately been feeling down on myself lately. Thanks :)