April 14, 2011

Lifestyle Thursdays: Skin Care

If any of you out there suffer from the annoying, inevitable acne problem like I do, then read this:

Last year it was red bumps that would appear all over my forehead.
This fall it was huge under the skin blemishes that would appear on my chin.
Now it's whiteheads that are popping up on my forehead.

I feel like no matter what I do, I can't seem to get rid of this stupid problem.

But then this weekend, I discovered something that actually worked!
And no, it wasn't the skin burning Proactive.
But something much smaller and easier to use.

SpectroJel AcneCare Vanishing Lotion!

This stuff removed my acne in like, a day! It actually works!

Plus I use this facial wash MORNING AND NIGHT:

 This stuff helps to keep your skin as clear as possible.

FUN FACT/HELPFUL TIP: LEMON JUICE! Use this morning and night with a little cotton ball all over your face to help keep skin clear, glowing AND to get rid of those AWFUL acne scars. Yuck!

Also make sure to drink lots of water because that will help keep skin clear too. Healthy eating and exercise don't hurt either!


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Anonymous said...

Tersaseptic has been sadly discontinued since January 2013. It is simply the best skin cleanser ever.I've used it for years plz support my facebook page and spread the word to other Tersaseptic users