April 27, 2011

Inspirational Wednesdays: A Nice Gesture

I think that people have a certain mentality of what works in terms of kindness.
In order to brighten someone's day, you don't have to go out of your way in making them happy, for example, you don't need to spend tons of money on them to see them smile.

Something I like to do, which is very basic, is while walking in the hallways at work, just flash a quick smile at someone and say "Hello, how are you?".

In doing this, you are accomplishing two things:

1. Brightening someone's day...including your own. (Smiles are good for your health, you know :) )

2. Striking up potential conversation which is boosting your social skills and general well being.

Also, in terms of my own personal life, like friends, family and my boyfriend, I like to go out of my way to do little things that will make them smile. Like if I hear that they wanted something or enjoyed something, I'll try and make it happen for them. Like if I know John really needs a  coffee one day, I'll grab him one from upstairs at work and bring it to his office for him. It's a really easy way to boost your relationship with people to know you are doing them good.

This post was inspired today because John let me know he had a treat for me in his office. So I go downstairs and he brought me a coffee but then he's like "I have one more treat for you". And I guess someone at work was selling Avon and he bought some for me. The package consisted of Vanilla Body Cream, Body Wash and Body Spray. It was a really small but very nice gesture that definitely made my day a little brighter.

So the next time you know something that will make someone close to you happy and it's a reasonable gesture, do it for them. You will help make your relationship with that person more satisfying and lengthy and you'll be helping yourself be happy as well.

Doing nice gestures for others is definitely a very big mood booster. Just remember that!

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Relatively Gourmand said...

Feel free to brighten our day with gifts and pastries anytime :P


It is always nice when someone goes out of their way whether it be words or otherwise.... Helps brighten up these gray cubicle walls....